A collage of images on a white background - including violins, the inside of a piano and the faces of performers Vov Dylan and Clemens Leske next to composer, Elena Kats-Chernin.


Sun 05 May 2024

Patrons' advice

Suitable for all ages.

Running time

110 mins (including 20 minute interval)


WDE Productions

Show times

Sun 05 May - 05:00 pm

A Sunday Soiree

Kismet: Vignettes for Violin and Piano is an extraordinary musical experience that celebrates the talents of Vov Dylan on violin and Clemens Leske on piano, as they breathe life into the captivating compositions of renowned Australian composer Elena Kats-Chernin. This enchanting performance showcases the unique ability of Kats-Chernin to weave stories into her music, with each piece carrying its own distinctive narrative, intimately shared with the audience.

In a momentous celebration, the album Kismet: Vignettes for Violin and Piano was launched with a sold-out concert at the iconic Sydney Opera House in July 2022. The grandeur of the venue served as the perfect backdrop for the soaring melodies and emotive storytelling. The performance marked a milestone in the careers of Vov Dylan and Clemens Leske, as they shared their exceptional artistry with a captivated audience.

Topping the ARIA Classical and Classical Crossover charts, as well as the AIR independent charts, the album captured the hearts and imaginations of listeners nationwide. It quickly became the highest selling Australian Classical release of 2022, a testament to its captivating melodies and heartfelt narratives.

The audience and listener embark on a profound journey through Kats-Chernin's compositions, guided by the virtuosity of Dylan and Leske. Each note and phrase resonates with the emotions and stories that have touched the hearts of many. With their unwavering dedication and profound musical understanding, the duo breathes life into the melodies, imbuing them with raw emotion and captivating storytelling.

Throughout the show, the personal stories behind each composition are revealed, adding an intimate layer to the music. The audience is invited into the world of the composer, experiencing firsthand the inspirations, memories, and contemplations that shaped the music. This unique insight deepens the connection between the performers and the audience, creating a shared space where emotions intertwine.

Kismet: Vignettes for Violin and Piano is an unmissable celebration of music, storytelling, and the incredible talent of Vov Dylan and Clemens Leske. Join them on this unforgettable musical odyssey, where the melodies of Elena Kats-Chernin resonate with the stories that have captivated audiences across Australia and beyond. Be prepared to be moved, inspired, and transported to the very heart of human experience.


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